Lussio is a manufacturer and supplier of professional linear luminaires and LED lighting systems. We are part of a global lighting group operating for more than 10 years in Australia. Please contact one of our expert consultants for your linear lighting solution.

SL8759 - Cropped 1000x700.jpg
Lussio LUS845 Linear Beam Profile Continuous.jpg
Lussio LES805 LED Luminaire Profile Configurator LED.jpg
Lussio LES805 LED Luminaire Profile.jpg
Lussio concealed Linear LED lighting.jpg
LUS8759 Linkable LED Segments Linkable LED.jpg
Lussio LED LUS835 Linear LED Beam Light Fitting.jpg
Lussio LUS0898 Recessed Ceiling LED Profile LED.jpg
Lussio LED Profject Lighting LED profiles.jpg
LUssio Vurve Round LED Luminaire LED.jpg
LUSSIO Linear Concealed LED - LED Profiles.jpg
LUS845 - Lussio Linear LED Luminaire COntinuous.jpg
Lussio Beam LED profiles.jpg
LUS845 - Lussio Linear LED Luminaire X Continuous.jpg
LUssio Vurve Linear LED profile - Curved LED profile.jpg
Lussio LUS3535 Linear Suspended Pendant Luminaire.jpg
LUS845 - Lussio Linear LED Luminaire.jpg
Lussio Linear Beam LED lighting residential Linear LED Lighting.jpg
LUSSIO LED LInear Beam profile  LUS 50x50MM LED Profile.jpg
Lussio LUS1107 Linear LED profiles LED.jpg
Lussio Chippendale LUS845 LED Beam Profile.jpg